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Independence Day and a Cell Phone

Take 1:
You just purchased that new cell phone and are happily excited to use it. You push the ‘start’ button and jump to explore its features. Your eyes curiously land on some ‘apps’ which are preexisting... and with a surprise, you mutter to yourself- ‘I didn’t ask for those... who put them here ?‘ and then you realize that the manufacturer has forced them on you. You try uninstalling them... but they won’t go ! Unwillingly, you think to yourself “I haven’t tried enough... I’ll figure that out later”
Over the next few months, you like the phone. But one particular phone bill shows, that you consumed a lot of data. You investigate further.... and conclude, that one of those preexisting apps, eats a lot of internet bandwidth. Now you desperately want to get rid of those, but don’t know how. Several months pass .... but no luck. So after all attempts in your limited capacity fail, you conclude that you’re stuck with them forever ! 
A month later, you come across an internet article about …
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Consumer Complaints in India

Was your recent visit to an expensive restaurant  a disaster ? You found a dead rat near your seat ? Or may be purchased something from a store that doesn't work after you reached home ?  You are now angry and want to go to every forum and yell out against the seller. I know, I can understand your frustration!!. You may always rush to the usual channels like facebook or twitter, but apart from writing negative reviews on social media, the right thing to do is to raise a consumer complaint.

Unfortunately, google points to so many privately owned complaint boards, that people are often confused with their effectiveness. After doing some online research and checking for a government owned solution, I landed on this site. Obviously, I haven't used this service so far. So let me know if it is useful. 
Mentioned above is the website for Department of Consumer Affairs Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of Ind…

Why did I emigrate??

Hello all,

I was a part of a conversation where people discussed about Why so many people from India move abroad. Many of the reasons which people thought were Money and Government systems. But in my personal view, its a little different. Here's my story:

I am an engineer by qualification (Diploma +Degree) in electronics from Mumbai, India. Although an engineer, I never worked in the same field ever again. I am in a rare profession of being a Proposal Specialist (Business Writer). After working in IT and non IT fields for about 12 years in India, I moved abroad.
On a personal front, I am into a serious hobby of Trekking (hiking). I have hiked over 400 small and big hills, forests,streams and natural wonders in the Sahyadri’ mountains. In short, hiking is my substantial involvement all along. I also have other hobbies and I come from a family with musically trained people.
In my tenure of 12 years in Mumbai and Pune, I realized some hard facts about working in India. They are my person…

Happy Changed Year

As the year changes, we should understand that it is just a man made benchmark.. in short nothing really changes...!!
What could possibly change is us... !!only us...!! nobody else might change.
So embrace the change... change to the ever expanding Science.. change your beliefs based on the new knowledge and information you get each day... change your old concepts to accommodate new ones. Question everything you are told.. Learn more things that make you happy, earn new friends with whom you enjoy spending time.. Change for a better tomorrow, change for a greener earth.. and lastly, change for a better and positive YOU...!!
Change is the only constant..!
Happy Changed Year... !!
Ameya Gokhale

Sarahah and all that..!!!

Sarahah is the latest craze on social media and it's spreading like wild fire. Yesterday, I posted my Sarahah link to Facebook and received some messages on it. Along with that, I also received regular texts from my close friends, who asked me why do we need Sarahah in the first place. This blog is my view on what I liked about Sarahah. 

About Sarahah: 
For those who have never heard of this before, is a a website and app(on mobile) which allows anyone to send you a feedback or a message without disclosing their name or any identity. Nothing fancy, just plain internet link with a small window for a feedback. You get to see what feedback or messages you received and that's it. 

My Sarahah page looks like this:

What issue does Sarahah resolve:
Sarahah is very unique inspite of being very simple. It fills many gaps that normal social media channels fail to consider. 

Sarahah gives us a feedback and forces us to focus on its contents, without …

NRIs and Demonetization | My Experience with the RBI Process | Updated (June 2017)

UPDATE (June 1st 2017)

The amount that I deposited in the form of old notes has been successfully transferred to my Saving Bank Account (in about 6 months).

I happened to visit India after the demonetization cut off date and went  through the process of depositing my old currency notes. This is my attempt to narrate my experience. 
Tuesday:  After checking the RBI website, I found out that we as NRIs can deposit old currency at RBI offices in Mumbai and other metros. Unfortunately, the website never mentioned which offices of RBI do accept it. We (My wife and I) reached the RBI premises at Bandra Kurla Complex (being the closest) to check for the currency exchange process. However, I was told by the security that "This doesn't happen here and possibly you may want to check at either Belapur or the CST offices". He wasn't really sure.
We decided to avoid any chances and visited the CST office of RBI. 
Wednesday, Time: 11:20 AM | Reached RBI…

Independence Day

Independence, in the present time, is an escape from the artificial world, glass buildings, motorized escalators, cars and air conditioners..!

To be truly Independent, walk into the wild forests, drench in a waterfall, climb the hilly slopes, experience the pleasing winds & spend time with only nature’s support. #HappyIndependenceDay

-Ameya Gokhale