Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Dhak Bahiri

(L-R) Me, Anuj Katkar, Zahir Shaikh, Aniket Choudhary
 Those were some really great days. On my personal front, I had got a new job at Mobile2Win - giving me a source of income(which was the most wanted at that time to keep my trekking go on smoothly). On the other hand, we had formed a small group of like minded people who liked trekking insanely - and on every weekend. Like many other things, camera was also a luxury item for most of us, in those non-digital days. Aniket was the one to have a film camera who took pictures while we trekked. His camera was particularly known to produce some wonderfull results.

I had heard about Dhak Bahiri from a friend of mine who had informed me that "It was to be climbed using an old Creeper". 

Our like mindedness worked together and we started off to Karjat station. An Auto was hired which dropped us to Sandshi Village. In those days, my networking skills  in this field were also not very efficient and all I knew about this place was based on the book by Harish Kapadia.

Hiring a guide(which now we do for almost every new trek) was a completely alien concept. Mainly because we did not know if they would really come and also how much money would they charge. After enquiring the route locally, we started off. The trek towards the first platue is very tiring and added to that -humidity was burning us off. After a long trek of almost 3 hours, we managed to reach the platue where the forest appeared inviting. It took some time to search for the correct route and reach the wall. The route on the wall is through a Nala(stream). This route will take us to the base of the cave where one needs to do  all the acrobatics. Half of us decided that they wont be climbing the Creeper( which was by then replaced with a bamboo - which appeared deadly..!).

Finally we managed to do this task and reached the Cave. The cave is a little eerie with the so called "sacrifices" happening inside. Blood all over and villagers offering these (chicken)sacrifices to God. The return journey was equally tiring and it took us very late to reach the base village. 2 of us were far behind and we were in a little anxiety untill we saw them coming towards the village.

Pictures: Special Thanks to Aniket for the Photos and the associated pains of developing the roll and scanning it..!.

Participants: Ameya Gokhale, Prasad Sawant, Aniket Choudhary, Anuj Katkar, Zahir Shaikh, Vikram Bhalerao, Prakash(I hope I am right with this name).

Other Pictures of this trek are displayed below.

Vikram Bhalerao

Aniket @ water tank inside the cave

Bahiri Cave Acrobatics

Kalakrai Pinnacle

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