Monday, November 8, 2010


Sindola was a dream come true. Right from the time I first visited Harishchandragad way back in the year 1999, I was impressed with the shape of this curious looking Massif. However doing it in 2010 means it took some 11 years to find an opportunity. The trek was surprisingly simpler than whatever I had thought of , heard of and was shown of. I got to see some pictures on Wikimapia which made me believe that this was one of the highly technical places in the Sahyadris and I should not think of too many fancies and should also be prepared to return back in case I come across something like a huge Rock Wall. It was around 10 AM when me and Mahesh started the trek from near the base village. Our guides were 2 young men Yuvaraj and

Raja. This hill is initially a gradual massif with a group of pinnacles on its top. The massif appeared fairly tiring with tall grass all around. After the massif is a narrow traverse which passes from the base of these pinnacles. The crack between the first and the second pinnacle (from right side), contains water and a small uncomfortable cave like structure( hardly a person could crawl inside). We topped up our bottles and continued further. After we complete the traverse to the last pinnacle, we get to see good old carved steps which lead to the old existing door with a Ganesh idol. There was also a Hanuman idol at the same place, but it doesnt exist anymore due to damages to the idol. The top is grassy with numerous water tanks(almost 4-5) offering an apparently potable water source.

The view from the top is FANTABULOUS ..... This is one big incentives of visiting this fort because it offers amazing sights all over. Many distant peaks are visible from here. The great geographical divide: Kokan and the Platue are clearly visible as two different layers.the mountains like Hatakeshwar, nimgiri, Sindola, Dev Dandya are also visible nearby. The villagers also tell us a story about an aircraft which had fallen down somewhere on a nearby mountain many years ago.


Mumbai - Kalyan - Murbad - Malshej ghat- Khubi Fata - Madh - Bagadwadi.

( drive in the morning should be around 2.5 hours)

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