Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real Estate: The Real Future (Is It ????)

These days, almost everyone (including me) are on an obsessive spree of buying a new home. Some call it second home. Some say its their Investment and for a really few numbers it is a bare necessity. Ofcourse I am no different. In this Real Estate Tornado, Even I have tried to make my hands full and searched for a number of possible options to fulfill my psychological craving to stay competitive in this rat race. At one time, there used to be fun fairs in huge football sized grounds. Now these are replaced by "Property Exhibitions". Almost every weekend, there are such Property exhibitions stalled at various levels at a variety of locations. Visiting a Property Exhibition has now become a favorite pass-time hobby on weekends.

I happened to visit such an exhibition in my home town: Thane. There were many stalls belonging to various builders. Most of them had shown a tendency to favor present-ability by employing "Good Looking" sales girls- Polished as well as Finely dressed. And obviously the crowd preferred the stalls with fairer gender. Wading through the stalls I was mostly concerned with the prices. 

However, pries were effectively hidden and were disclosed only at the end of a boring long speech which the sales girls recited with a beautiful plastic smile.( Why cant I smile that way ??).

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