Monday, June 20, 2011

Picnic @ Waterfall, Khandala, 2011 Atos origin

Purely Picnic. Yess thats it .. Although we went to one of those places, which is rather well known for a difficult trek, we also fully enjoyed it- purely as a picnic. We did not go too far on the route, but enjoyed the gusty waters and a small pond.

After a successful venture of Dukes Nose, my colleagues have gained enough confidence in me and are now convinced that I am not going to kill them out of hardships and extreme efforts.
As usual, we started our day by filling up our already inflated "IT belly", adding some fuel at Kamat, Khandala. In about 30 mins we were near an old church which further takes you to the stream. We reached a private property belonging to a church and also had our share of 'scoldings' by a senior there. He asked us to proceed, just that our vehicles would not be staying parked inside. After a while, we reached a cliff which was opposite to the tunnel on the express highway.

Right in front of us was a towering waterfall pouring down in the valley. This fall reaches the bottom of the ravine and flows around the massif above which we looked like tiny dots. The platue extends itself in all directions- wherever your sight could go.
Small and big dunes cover the platue with patches of pine trees. Many vibrant streams intersect this platue and converge into the ulhaas valley forming numerous small and big ponds and waterfalls. One such miniature waterfall was our destination.

After a while, me and Anant went ahead while the rest of our group enjoyed taking some really weirdo snaps on the platue ( a.k.a Switzerland ). The water in the stream was a little lesser than what we had expected. Nevertheless, it was sufficient for a small group of 8 people. In a short while we all reached the stream and then started the real fun. The boulders and slippery rocks posed a sliding obstacle to most of us and caused an "sliding sensation". For some it was an exciting first time experience, but for me, I was happy that no one slipped too much..!
Soon, it was water all over and we played like little kids in a baby pool. No age bar.. All were drenched, and if not, were made to get drenched. Cameras started popping out and everyone started posing in all the creative ways that they could. New places and poses were soon explored and pictures were taken abundantly. After all the permutations and combinations were over, hunger once again took charge and the "vadapav" that we got parceled was feasted on.

After an hour of playing in water, we started back. We reached the church after taking some more pics (only 70... that’s it..!) and that’s also when we realized that we have lost the number of our driver because of another unfortunate cause. Supermodel "Kite" had replaced all the air in his cell phone with water. And that his phone was on the verge of counting its last breaths. Obviously, we had to walk all the way to Kamats- making us realize that "Kamat was not as close as it appeared in the morning".

We were greeted by Manoj and Family. And then had a sumptuous lunch at El Taj... (yumm..!)!!
In all, we took some 300+ pictures amounting to 1.9 GB of data. However, I have picked some of the most good looking- presentable and sensible ones. For others, please call me directly and I will arrange to give you the same. The pictures below could be downloaded on the following URL:

Picnic @ Waterfall, Atos Origin, 2011

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