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Lalbaug & Around, Ganapati 2011

On the day of Ananta Chaturdashi ( 10/11th day of Ganapati Bappa's stay ), I happened to be at Lalbag. I tried capturing a few pictures, of the immersion processions and the overall festive Pomp. I have tried naming the pictures as I remember. however, if you have any correction, kindly let me know.

Lalbaug on this day, actually turns "red" because of the "gulaal". Streets wear a red carpet and everywhere around, you get to see a zealous celebration. All around this area, there are flower garlands/fancy caps/saffron ribbons, all arrived to bid farewell to our dear Ganapati Bappa, who had stayed here for 10/11 days.

Mumbai, Specifically Lalbag is known for its remarkable size of  Ganapati idols. It is interesting to see the co-operative effort by the numerous members of the Ganapati Mandals ( organizers). The huge idols needs a lot of effort to be picked up from its Pandal ( stage ) to the truck which carries it for
emmersion. For some big and well known processions, it usually takes about 15 to 20 hours to reach the Girgaon chowpaty( sea face).

This is one of the few celebrations, when men /women come out in equal numbers and dance on the streets. All enjoying to their best ..!

The album of these pictures is located in the slideshow attached below:

!!....... Ganapati Bappa Morya........!!


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