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Silly Computer Graphics

Whats so great about computer graphics in a movie??? I've always wondered, why people like to see the artificial world of computerized animations and fake scenes created only for soothing your eyes. I understand if it is a cartoon movie. But in a normal movie with a dedicated hero and a heroine, what role do these graphics play?? Many people keep saying: 'the movie was good, it had a lot of computer graphics'... Yeeeeks.. This statement sucks hard. Hardly anyone talks about acting!! You need to be skilled enough to show that you are a BEGGAR, when in reality, you are a MILLIONAIRE. By praising unreal fiction, are we not moving towards an artificial world?? Something that makes us dwell in the (un)realities of an imaginary belief...!! In fact, the recent trend of movies is -- getting closer to reality. Also think of the many many television pro grammes that show the whole world what goes on in REAL LIFE. In spite of all this, I wonder what people like in a movie that's full of graphics.. If this continues, our definitions of entertainment will be far away from reality and practicality. In my opinion, entertainment should be close to our own life. A little deviation for the sake of adding spice is still justified. But then, when things go beyond reality and we as humans start praising virtual reality, certainly, something is wrong.... This might just be the reason, why TV soaps are far from reality. They try to grab your attention by showing what you are something that only fits in our imagination. May be a situation that you are always afraid of, or something that you only feel is possible, but have never encountered. Now that's what I call unreal... No logic.. Plain emotions. Same is the reason, why TV news channels rely so much on useless and crap news being aired 10,000 times a day. This is one big reason, why I like plays and stage performances. Lets hope things get more REAL than far-fetched.....

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I happened to visit a place called Hatkeshwar. It s towering hill and a strenuous hike for a day. We 3(Myself, Anju and Ashish Mhatre) started from mumbai on saturday night and went to stay in a small temple in Madh village near Malshej. It was very cold and it was a little difficult to sleep on the cold floor of the temple. Ajay Dhamdhere, Mahendra Singh and Vilas Ashtaputre joined us after about an hour or so. Mornings were very cold and we were actively looking out to make a fire. Ajay had forgotten the gas burner(and it made me very very happy - I can now lit a fire to make tea). Tea was refreshing in that cold - except that it lost all its warmth in a minute...!

We reached kolewadi and started our trek. At the first look, it appeared very simple and my (overconfident) calculations told me that it wont take anything more than 2 hours. We initially lost the track and went to the right side of the hill. after a session of route finding, Ajay suggested that we go back to the plat…

Why did I emigrate??

Hello all,

I was a part of a conversation where people discussed about Why so many people from India move abroad. Many of the reasons which people thought were Money and Government systems. But in my personal view, its a little different. Here's my story:

I am an engineer by qualification (Diploma +Degree) in electronics from Mumbai, India. Although an engineer, I never worked in the same field ever again. I am in a rare profession of being a Proposal Specialist (Business Writer). After working in IT and non IT fields for about 12 years in India, I moved abroad.
On a personal front, I am into a serious hobby of Trekking (hiking). I have hiked over 400 small and big hills, forests,streams and natural wonders in the Sahyadri’ mountains. In short, hiking is my substantial involvement all along. I also have other hobbies and I come from a family with musically trained people.
In my tenure of 12 years in Mumbai and Pune, I realized some hard facts about working in India. They are my person…


A route which existed some 20-30 years back, but eventually faded due to lack of usage- was our target for the last weekend. We did manage to get some things right, while we need to visit again to complete the rest. Some stuff below will be useful for fellow trekkers who in future plan to visit this place.

Some Geography:
Raireshwar, within itself is a popular place amongst trekkers and bears a significant history with Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj commencing the “Oath of Swarajya”.  Geographically Raireshwar  is more like a table platue, which spans over 20 Kms in length and 7 Kms in bredth( at the maximum). Raireshwar is now connected by a Tar road which reaches the south eastern edge. The road goes from Bhor- Korle – Raireshwar Khinda – Wai – Bhor.