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Who stops me??

Sleep is sometimes a really funny experience. You know you are sleeping, yet you are in a fairy tale world- enjoying your dreams. At times, I wonder, what differentiates our behavior in the dream world and the real world ?? In the dream world, (say for example), I see an irritating "mosquito" flying around me, I immediately raise my hand to slap that jerk...Yess......!! This is the point, where I realize the immense force that I encounter. My hand bluntly refuses to get raised. I feel as if I am lifting a 100 kg dumbbell along with my hand... I try hard to lift it, but in vain. The mosquito is still there and I try shooing him with my gestures- quick body movements, head shaking etc etc... That's when I come across realization number 2- I can't even move my body parts... They too feel like being under a tremendously heavy weight rings. .. This is where, I slowly start contemplating- am I dreaming??? Oh yess, I was dreaming...and that's exactly why I was not able to move anything. ... I wake up.. And even before I completely open my eyes, my memory of this dream are vanished.. Probably, my dreams are recorded in some different part of my brain and hence not accessible in day time. .. There's memory compartmentalization even in my brain.. Huh.. In another such dream, I came across a wild thought- some funny idea. The first reaction was to expose it on Facebook/twitter. (That also proved- I am a social media addict..!). Now since my brain is compartmentalized, I can't recollect that funny idea. But surely wanted to tweet something in my dreams and believe me, it must have been interesting. Lets see, if I can recollect it, when I again visit similar dream destinations. The point here is: the only difference in dream and real life behavior is that, I can't generally move myself in dreams... In real life, I can... otherwise, both are almost the same.. The only question that remains:- who stops me from moving, while I am asleep(and dreaming)??

(I may sound like an idiot, but that's what I thought of scribbling)

Sent by emoze push mailSleep is sometimes a really funny experience. You know you are sleeping, yet you are in a fairy tale world- enjoying your dreams. At times, I wonder, what differentiates our behavior in the dream world and the real world ?? In the dream world, (say for example), I see an irritating "mosquito" flying ...


  1. Dreams often reflect things we aspire to do in the real world or things we are incapable of doing. It's believed that a person who can remember at least two to three of his dreams after he wakes up has an excellent memory (yeah, we all have at least four different dreams every night).

    I usually dream people that I know well in real life but in caught in surreal situations :) Examining dreams as a science involves identifying your totem animal (each of us has one).

    Interesting post this one, caught my fancy :)

  2. Dear Ankita,

    Thanks for your comment and also for passing by my blog.!!

    I agree to you on the dreams stuff..

    Hope to get more info from you..!


    Ameya Gokhale


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