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Belapur Fort & Gadeshwar Lake

Belapur Fort

A change in plan gave me an opportunity to visit the nearby Belapur fort. Thanks to the book by Harish Kapadia where I first came across the existence of this place. Surprisingly, its not at all difficult to locate - stands right on the Palm Beach road. Google Maps was sufficient to guide me to the place.

The forts stands in a severely dilapidated condition. Infact it it surrounded by several plush looking residential complexes. Theres no proper route to reach the top. Just wade your way through and you come across a massive Bastion( walking 15 or 20 mins from Palm Beach Road). This is the only structure which is identifiable as a fort. There are traces of other constructions on the fort. A wall marks the other end of the hillock on which this fort rests. Going ahead of this wall makes you enter a nearby society. There are 2 small water sources near the fort (but not atop).

Thankfully, this fort has very less number of names written over it. Also there are no traces of hum…