Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Karkai cha Dongar ( May 2008 )

Karkai cha Dongar was an adventurous trek we did in the peak Summers. It was a trek of realizations.It firstly made us realize that Sahyadris could show us CHLLING NIGHTS even in the month of May. It also made me discover that the my sleeping bag needs an urgent replacement.

This was my second attempt to climb Karkai. Before this, I had tried climbing Karkai from the Kothala Side, but was able to climb only upto the Kothala Bhairav. Owing to its size, it was a good idea to trek it up only in the dry( visible) season.

Me, Sada and Kaustubh drove till the base village( Kolhewadi ). From some of the sources, we came to know that there is no water atop and that there is also no shelter. We were initially going to carry a tent so that our shelter issue could be addressed. however, I stressed on the point that it was more important to carry water than a tent, and that whatever effort we take to carry a tent could be effectively utilized to carry additional bottles of water. Finally, each one of us carried about 7 Litres of water.

An old villager was given a role of our guide. Probably he was amongst the only few who have visited the top of this huge mountain. A small well near the village was the last big water source we came across. The entire trek is divided in stages with a platue at each level. To my surprise, there was a fairly visible track which we used most of the times. It vanished in between and we simply had to scramble through the scree. This cycle kept on repeating. The track was made by the cattle which at times came up grazing.

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