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Kothala Bhairav - 2007

Kothala Bhairav:
A very rarely visited place as compared to its famous neighbour(harishchandragad). Wonderful views, table top, and an interesting uphill hike through a ladder makes it worthwhile.
Rains are the best to hike anywhere in the sahyadris. Lush green surroundings, decorative waterfalls, misty clouds and towering peaks can make any activity much more interesting.
This trek was intially named karkai cha dongar. However, after reaching this place, I realized that karkai is too huge to be covered in a day's time and that kothala bhairav is only 5% of the whole area and forms only a small extension of the huge karkai.
Starting from mumbai in the morning made us reach the base village kothale at around 1 pm. It was raining very heavily and nothing was visible. We managed to get a local guide on whom we had to rely. The fog was so thick that identifying the mountain itself was not possible. Hence wherever the guide takes we were to go.
The route to the top is a normal well trod…