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Who stops me??

Sleep is sometimes a really funny experience. You know you are sleeping, yet you are in a fairy tale world- enjoying your dreams. At times, I wonder, what differentiates our behavior in the dream world and the real world ?? In the dream world, (say for example), I see an irritating "mosquito" flying around me, I immediately raise my hand to slap that jerk...Yess......!! This is the point, where I realize the immense force that I encounter. My hand bluntly refuses to get raised. I feel as if I am lifting a 100 kg dumbbell along with my hand... I try hard to lift it, but in vain. The mosquito is still there and I try shooing him with my gestures- quick body movements, head shaking etc etc... That's when I come across realization number 2- I can't even move my body parts... They too feel like being under a tremendously heavy weight rings. .. This is where, I slowly start contemplating- am I dreaming??? Oh yess, I was dreaming...and that's exactly why I was not able …