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Silly Computer Graphics

Whats so great about computer graphics in a movie??? I've always wondered, why people like to see the artificial world of computerized animations and fake scenes created only for soothing your eyes. I understand if it is a cartoon movie. But in a normal movie with a dedicated hero and a heroine, what role do these graphics play?? Many people keep saying: 'the movie was good, it had a lot of computer graphics'... Yeeeeks.. This statement sucks hard. Hardly anyone talks about acting!! You need to be skilled enough to show that you are a BEGGAR, when in reality, you are a MILLIONAIRE. By praising unreal fiction, are we not moving towards an artificial world?? Something that makes us dwell in the (un)realities of an imaginary belief...!! In fact, the recent trend of movies is -- getting closer to reality. Also think of the many many television pro grammes that show the whole world what goes on in REAL LIFE. In spite of all this, I wonder what people like in a movie that's …