Monday, August 27, 2012

Bhivpuri - Garbut - Matheran - Dhodhani - Panvel

One of the most effort-full and satisfying one day treks in the recent past - this route was also a very scenic one. Almost a days effort, a little hectic for a one dayer, this turned out to be a cross country which practically started at bhivpuri and ended close to Panvel.

We started from Bhivpuri station, had breakfast and then headed towards the dam. There onwards we kept the dam on our right side and circled it almost for half the circumference. we then climbed up the spur to a huge tree and then ahead to a small village called Sagachi wadi. The route now climbed steeply to the lower platue of Garbut Point leading further to Garbut Village. The lower platue is remarkably beautiful with greenery all around.  From Garbut village, the Garbut point is about 15 - 20 mins. We crossed the entire table land of Matheran and reached the Louisa point. Below this point is the village : hasha chi patti. A long route then took us to Dhodhani where we got a bus to Panvel. 

We traveled using public transport and did not spend too much on the way. Our expense was only about 140 per head (thane station to thane station). We carried lunch from home and had only breakfast/tea outside. 

Unfortunately, anywhere around Matheran, there is a lot of commercialization. As an instance, while we were standing right below the Garbut point, a few village kids asked us to take the route which goes from Garbut Village. As per them, it was easier. we trusted them. Later they asked if we need tea. we agreed. while paying for the tea, the kids demanded Rs 15/- per cup..!! Obviously we paid only 40 for 6 cups. Later we figured out that there was no need to visit the Garbut village at all and and it was only to make money that they wanted us to come there. Also, while we started the trek, we asked at bhivpuri if someone can show us the route . A villager agreed, but demanded Rs 500/-.. By all means, 500 for a guide in the Sahyadri is too much. Obviously, we found our route and didnt take a guide. Atop Matheran, it was the usual business of "room chahiye ?" but thats ok, since it is a declared hill station.

Ameya Gokhale, Saurabh Joshi, Gayatri Joshi, Panini Phadnis, Vinay Y Jadhav and Makarand Deshpande.


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