Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Match Was Fixed..

Now this is something I hate... No, I am not referring to matches being fixed. I am too small to know anthing about "fixing" with certainity.

What I really hate, is the general attitude of people, when they confidently declare that a particular match was FIXED. This usually happens when any of the expected big players along with a handful of others quickly return to the pavillion. You get to see statements like "match fixed tha yaaaar" ..usually on either facebook or other social networking sites. And my immediate reaction is.... WTF.. Who has asked you?? What gives you so much of confidence???? C'mmon... If you are watching the match, you will have to blindly trust the nature of a game. Agreed, that fixings happen.. But whether a particular match was fixed or not is something which cannot be verified without a detailed investigation..

Lastly, I remember my old diploma engineering college days. Usually there were very less or no girls in many streams.. People used to extend this 3 or 4 year course to about 5, 6 or sometimes 8 years by failing consistently. These so called super-seniors used to keep looking out for newly entered gals. Once they locate a new girl the very first action was to propose to her. For all obvious reasons, she used to get dead-scared and would almost run away from the situation saying a BIGG *NO*. Now, these poopers being badly hurt would resort to a usual behaviour of tarnishing her image all around. Spreading gossips, making comments- *WOH TO R@ND HAI SAALI*.(she is a prostitute). ! This cycle kept repeating and repeating.. !

The only reason to narrate the above incidence is due to the stark similarity that relates the behaviour. Blaming a possible foul play, when results dont come in favour.. !

Get a life man.. !

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