Monday, December 3, 2012

Dhoria - Kanjangad - Tringalwadi

After a long time, I did a Marathon Trek with some well versed trekkers and also my age old companions. Along with Hardikar kaka(Shrikant Hardikar), Anju Paniculam, and Kaustubh Naik, we happened to cover Dhoria, Kanjangad and Tringalwadi. Although we got late by some 30 mins to begin our trek(courtesy  Kaustubh oversleeping at home..!), we were fairly on time at all places. We drove to the base of Dhoria called Vaitarna Nagar. ( Thane - Igatpuri - Ghoti -(left turn)- Vaitarna Nagar). The distance was approximately to 130 kms one way. A local guide helped us with the route to dhoria. As usual, villagers were baffeled to know that we wanted to climb that hill at all. many thought that we have come there for hiking to Trimbakeshwar.

Dhoria is a C shaped hill and the route climbs the eastern edge on a very steep ascent. There is also a minor rock patch(but would need assistance in rains) at about 50% of the altitude. We reached the highest point in about 1 hour with a descent enough pace. But this is not all. reaching the highest point, one realizes that the hill being c shaped, the trek would complete only after reaching the other end of that big C. After a short break we started traversing through exposed scree to the western edge. At one point the scree was so loose that I thought of using my rope... The route further passes through scenic grassy tops and further to the western edge. On the way much before the edge, we were informed by our guide about a ferocious looking descent straight to the base village. We did not opt for this route and went ahead to the edge. The edge gave us a complete view of the gigantic Dhoria. There is a simpler route from the western edge that descends back to the ground level through a thick forest.

While we almost touched the base village, we saw a small temple like structure in the rock face of the Dhoria hill. we climbed till there using steps which are being constructed. Its a peacefull place with a small cave type crevice.Their is a peculiar hole in the wall above the temple. A rare view, where the hole is dug in an upwardly direction. We descended and reached the base finally and had lunch in a nearby Garva hotel.

We then moved to Kanjangad - it happens to be near Village Devgaon. while we started driving towards the flags atop this place, we suddenly realized that our car has almost reached the top. So we parked and walked for 10 mins. Theres a modern temple, but a baba living there told us that there were some old structures earlier, but they were not abandoned and broken, while the temple was reconstructed in 2009. The top gives a gallant view of all the hills across the Upper Vaitarna Lake - Utwad, Basgad, Harihar, Brahmagiri, Anjaneri, Fani Dongar etc etc.

We quickly descended to the car and started back. It was till 3:00 PM and we had sufficient time to do a trek which could be done in an hours time. We were confused between budhya and tringalwadi.We finally chose tringalwadi and drove to Igatpuri. there we were asked to go a little back on the highway towards the Nasik direction and take a left at Take village. The road( pathetic in condition) lead us to Tringalwadi village and further to Talewadi village. The drive from Take village to Talewadi village is only about 20 kms, but takes more than 40 mins. When we started from Talewadi, it was already 5:07 PM..!! villagers asked if we were planning to stay atop the Tringalwadi fort. They were amused to know that we intended to descend back today itself and also that we expected to reach Mumbai tonight(most of them gave a ROFL look). We started with full force and went as quick as possible. A well carved cave welcomed us to the base of the hill. the route passe from the left of the cave to the upper platue. There onwards the route climbs very gradually to the base of the rock massif. Keeping the massif at the right, one reaches the extreme end, where there is a crack in the wall. the same crack is where there are about 60 steps in a well carved staircase. above the stairs, theres is a big Hanuman and a door to the fort. The actual top is further ahead with some dilapidated constructions and some scree. The top gives beautiful views of the surrounding area and we were lucky to witness the sunset. We reached the top at 5:59 PM( full speed ..!). The temprature had suddenly dropped and we started feeling the cold.. Our target was to reach the base(and our car) by 7:00 PM. So we started back and reached the upper platue in about 20 mins. However, the route after that happens to be on the east and whatever small light that guided us so far, was gone. Time to take out torches. We initially struggled to keep walking on a trodden path, occasionally missing the path and wandering in the grass, but eventually finding it somewhere(route finding in the dark is a very interesting activity..!! try doing it .. !) Eventually we reached the base and at 6:59 we managed to get back to our car. Finding the route after we reached the ground level was much more difficult than doing it above the hill. We started back and after a 30 min dinner break, reached Mulund at 10:15 PM. Total distance travelled: 320 Kms(Mulund to Mulund).

A well spent Sunday ..!!!!


Ameya Gokhale
Anju Paniculam
Shreekant Hardikar
Kaustubh Naik.

Pictures of this trek are available on the following URL

Dhoria - Kanjangad - Tringalwadi

A complete GPS track of our visit to Dhoria is linked here:

View Track201212020922 in a larger map,73.531752&spn=0.022855,0.038581

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