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Takmak Fort

The name Takmak has always been very curious for me and finally, I got an opportunity to visit this place. After searching over the internet, I once again confronted the unreliable nature of the information scattered around. So let me provide some clarifications right away:

Takmak Fort has no connection to the well known Raigad Fort ( one of the sections of Raigad is called Takmak-Tok, but the fort is still Raigad ).Takmak Fort is Faar away from Manor ( almost 32 kms )While travelling from Mumbai, Takmak can be approached via the base village Sakavar ( or sometimes referred to as Sakwar/sakvar etc). Sakavar is 53 Kms from Thane. A landmark near Sakavar is the Ramkrishna MissionThe best time to trek on this fort is during monsoon ( and also while it rains). During other seasons, a night trek is a good optionDuring all other seasons, the humidity is at its peak, unbearable heat and sweat.A route guide is preferred.. Its not very easy( so far) to decipher the route through the thick fore…