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Bitangad & Aad Fort

Bitangad is a small hill in the Ghoti region. Like most treks, we started on Saturday night from Mulund and reached Bitanwadi very early in the morning - around 4:00 AM. The reason to reach so early was simple, avoid the uneasy and irritating early morning wake ups and find adequate time to visit another hill in the surroundings. 

Bitangad: This small hill is mostly a walk and then a little bit of an uphill hike. From Bitanwadi, it usually takes about 20-25 mins to reach the base of the hill where we start hiking upwards(another 25 mins). The route up is marked by a rocky staircase(like many other hills around Nasik). The holds around the steps are well placed so thats a very easy job. There is also a small cave immediately after thee staricase. It can accomodate about 6-8 people in the dry season.  The top is a beautiful place with commanding views all around. The adjoining hill- Mahankaal is infested by a large number of windmills. There are 2 sets of watertanks, one near the south …