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Dhoria - Kanjangad - Tringalwadi

After a long time, I did a Marathon Trek with some well versed trekkers and also my age old companions. Along with Hardikar kaka(Shrikant Hardikar), Anju Paniculam, and Kaustubh Naik, we happened to cover Dhoria, Kanjangad and Tringalwadi. Although we got late by some 30 mins to begin our trek(courtesy  Kaustubh oversleeping at home..!), we were fairly on time at all places. We drove to the base of Dhoria called Vaitarna Nagar. ( Thane - Igatpuri - Ghoti -(left turn)- Vaitarna Nagar). The distance was approximately to 130 kms one way. A local guide helped us with the route to dhoria. As usual, villagers were baffeled to know that we wanted to climb that hill at all. many thought that we have come there for hiking to Trimbakeshwar.

Dhoria is a C shaped hill and the route climbs the eastern edge on a very steep ascent. There is also a minor rock patch(but would need assistance in rains) at about 50% of the altitude. We reached the highest point in about 1 hour with a descent enough pace…