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U, Me and Karnala..!

This was supposed to be a Lavish weekend(going out to some resort and get pampered all the while). But Arohi had something else in her mind. On thursday she suddenly suggested that we can go to Karnala. I was surprised since she is usually a little reluctant for trekking, considering her adventures with both the knees over the past 15 months.

So we started at 9:00 AM from Mulund and went straight past Panvel to reach Kshanbhar Vishranti to have our breakfast. After a oil-rich breakfast of Thalipeeth and Misal, we headed to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Thats where the real surprise started. There were allocated parking lots where we got one small place for our chariot. The next surprise was the entry booth. The cop(actually a forest guard) asked for an ID card to check my identity. He also noted my address and checked if the person on the ID was me ..!! This was by far the very first time that I was showing an ID card to climb a hill in Maharashtra. He charged us Rs 90, but also informe…