Friday, September 20, 2013

Keep the Mountains clean - No littering, No Plastics, No Wrappers

A Sincere Appeal To All Trekkers

Background: Trekking which was once a private and  beautiful affair has now turned into a full fledged business. One one side, this is a growth story with this activity being spread like a wild fire. On the other side, it is also an uncontrolled fire, that is spreading without any direction and guidance. The very first victim of the fire is our own Mother Nature, which includes Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Insects, Wildlife etc. The rise of digital media, brings about a revolutionary growth in the number of readers to information on new and better places. But an unrestricted flow of visitors have made it a difficult ordeal for these places to maintain the same sanity and peace that once existed. On any particular day, our popular destinations host several thousand visitors and many of them do not respect the laws of nature and end up spoiling the environment. This results in an uncontrolled Littering, Plastics, Glass bottles, tins - you name it ..! Drunk visitors throw bottles all around, picnickers throw wrappers and plastics all over while some others play music in a loud tone. The sad part is that there’s absolutely no one who can clean this mess. In general, there is a severe lack of respect and awareness about conservation of nature and ecology.

Our Role: As trekkers, we are responsible for seriously considering ways to change this situation and get back the mountains green and clean. We interact with many individuals through multiple channels and will need to spread awareness amongst those whom we deal with. We are already creating heaps of information about new places through blogs and images. Its high time that we also educate our readers/friends about nature and conservation.

Statutory Warning: One way to cater to this problem is to create awareness through a repetitive instruction mechanism. Remember the statutory warning "SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH" ???? A similar warning could be used to spread awareness through all the digital media that we upload on the Web, Facebook or any other channel. The tagline that I have started using for my pictures is:

“Keep the Mountains clean - No littering, No Plastics, No Wrappers”

Action Items:
  • Maintain a watermark of the conservation tagline on all pictures of a trek or a natural place before uploading to any form of digital/print media.
  • If you are a News Reporter or talking to one, request them to add a couple of lines that ask the readers to maintain the sanity of the place.
  • The next time you guide someone to a new destination recently discovered, don't forget to tell them about the cleanliness part that they have to maintain.

Thanking all of you in advance for taking your time to read this. We look forward to create a new beginning through a small initiative ..!

-a trekker,

Ameya Gokhale

Keep the Mountains clean - No littering, No Plastics, No Wrappers

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