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Independence Day and a Cell Phone

Take 1:

You just purchased that new cell phone and are happily excited to use it. You push the ‘start’ button and jump to explore its features. Your eyes curiously land on some ‘apps’ which are preexisting... and with a surprise, you mutter to yourself- ‘I didn’t ask for those... who put them here ?‘ and then you realize that the manufacturer has forced them on you. You try uninstalling them... but they won’t go ! Unwillingly, you think to yourself “I haven’t tried enough... I’ll figure that out later”

Over the next few months, you like the phone. But one particular phone bill shows, that you consumed a lot of data. You investigate further.... and conclude, that one of those preexisting apps, eats a lot of internet bandwidth. Now you desperately want to get rid of those, but don’t know how. Several months pass .... but no luck. So after all attempts in your limited capacity fail, you conclude that you’re stuck with them forever ! 

A month later,  you come across an internet article about ‘hacking your phone’ to get rid of those unwanted apps. It sounds promising but also warns you of several consequences. But now you’ve decided ... there’s no turning back... you have faced enough ! You follow the steps and delete those pointless data hogging apps. 

You feel relieved !! You feel liberated !!! You feel you just got a new phone!!!!! You realize that you are no more obligated to spend your hard earned money, on what the phone manufacturer wants you to. You also develop a hatred against such mean minded phone manufacturers. 

And then.... You promise to never purchase a phone of that brand again...

Take 2:

Now think of a newborn child - A cute little miniature version of a human. It has no prejudices, it doesn’t know of any laws or norms... it’s free from any motives. The child’s mind is a clean slate!!

Now... just like the new phone in our story.... this poor little child is bombarded with a lot of unwanted ‘Attachments’like lastname, belief in some god, pride for his birth land, religion, race, forced respect for a language, forced love for a national team, obligatory respect for elders... unwarranted trust on the government... and the list goes on... !! 

Obviously, the child has no opinion, and grows up with the pressure of these unwanted attachments. Although with good intentions, his parents, relatives, society and also his friends- try their best to ensure that the child respects and feels proud of these attachments and never comes out of it. They also trained his brain to never question these things that have been assumed to be true.

Over the years, the child grows into an adult.. As usual, life gets busy... and this adult wants more time, more money and also wants to get rid of pointless obstacles that hinder his progress. He investigates further, and at one point he starts realizing, that many of these attachments which ‘he never asked for’ also taking a lot of his personal time, money and energy. He decides to get rid of them, but by now, they are so deeply rooted that he is afraid to make a change. He is scared to say or do anything against what his own parents, society or friends told him. He concludes that he has to ‘live with it’.

Just while he was loosing hope, he reads an article .... The article gives an insight on how the world developed ... how societies developed... how these so called attachments came into play !! He finds it interesting and reads more articles and books on this topic. It takes him some time..... but to realize a truth. 

He concludes that whatever beliefs he has been fondling since his childhood, are basically a creation of just another adult... or a group of adults. They weren’t necessarily great or intelligent, but others chose to follow them and societies continued these practices for ages - without any questions asked ! He also understood that he was systematically used by some people to propagate their values, traditions, cultures and many other abstracts... which he never asked for ! 

Just as the case of a smart phone, he literally hacked his brain.... He felt relieved !! he felt liberated !!! He felt he just got a new and much better life !!!! He realized that he was no more obligated to spend his time, money and energy on what the society wants him to. He also developed a hatred against those people, who used him.

That very day, he called himself -  TRULY INDEPENDENT ! 



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