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Independence Day and a Cell Phone

Take 1:
You just purchased that new cell phone and are happily excited to use it. You push the ‘start’ button and jump to explore its features. Your eyes curiously land on some ‘apps’ which are preexisting... and with a surprise, you mutter to yourself- ‘I didn’t ask for those... who put them here ?‘ and then you realize that the manufacturer has forced them on you. You try uninstalling them... but they won’t go ! Unwillingly, you think to yourself “I haven’t tried enough... I’ll figure that out later”
Over the next few months, you like the phone. But one particular phone bill shows, that you consumed a lot of data. You investigate further.... and conclude, that one of those preexisting apps, eats a lot of internet bandwidth. Now you desperately want to get rid of those, but don’t know how. Several months pass .... but no luck. So after all attempts in your limited capacity fail, you conclude that you’re stuck with them forever ! 
A month later, you come across an internet article about …